Welcome to Gateway Property Management!

Our vision is to successfully do ordinary Property Management; simply extraordinarily well!

Key principles of our extraordinary Property Management service:

  1. Forming long lasting relationships
  2. Transparency
  3. Keeping it simple
  4. First time right
  5. 24 hour turnaround time


Gillian Tudehope entered the Property Management industry in 1999 as a Portfolio Manager, and after climbing the corporate ladder, made a decision on 01 May 2013 to purchase a small Property Management going concern, comprising of a portfolio of Sectional Title and Home Owners Association Community Schemes.

On 01 September 2015, she changed the name to Gateway Property Management.

Gillian prides herself in adding value to her clients by being transparent, personally involved in all schemes, paying attention to detail and establishing long lasting business relationships. This is evident in the exponential growth of the portfolio due to past Chairman, Trustees and Owners, who have enjoyed her guidance and advice, moving their schemes to Gateway Property Management.

Gillian has certificates in the following:

  • Estate Agency Affairs Board
  • Sectional Title Scheme Management – UCT // Paddocks
  • Sectional Title Scheme Management – Bridging Course November 2016 – Paddocks
  • Home Owners Association Management – UCT
  • Mediation and Arbitration – Association of Arbitration


Gateway Property Management use a professional Property Management system to process all the aspects of the Community Scheme’s financial management, which are required to provide the correct administrative expectations for their clients.

Financial reporting is an integral part of the successful management of your Community Scheme. To this end, Gateway Property Management have outsourced their accounting systems to Accounting & Building  Management Services (Pty) Ltd, a company created within the Clint Riddin & Associates Group (CRA).

They are an accounting practice that specialize in the Community Scheme industry (www.cra-cpt.co.za)

The following Portfolio Managers joined the Gateway team:

  1. Ms Vanessa du Plessis with effect 01 October 2014. She entered the industry in 2005.
  2. Ms Gerda Botha with effect 01 March 2016. She entered the industry in 2005.
  3. Mrs Chantelle Cockcroft with effect 01 July 2017. She entered the industry in 1997. 

All three Portfolio Managers are a huge asset, both to Gateway Property Management and their clients. They have created further capacity for growth, as well as enable to share the workload and in so doing, allowing the opportunity to focus in more detail on our clients’ needs.

The Portfolio Managers have the following certificates:

  • Sectional Title Scheme Management – UCT // Paddocks
  • Sectional Title Scheme Management – Bridging Course November 2016 – Paddocks
  • Home Owners Association Management – UCT

Gillian Tudehope – “The Boss Lady”

John Tudehope – “John of all Trades”

Vanessa du Plessis – “It’s my way or the high way!”

Gerda Botha – “The cat whisperer”

Chantelle Cockcroft – “The Coffee-o-Holic”

Professional Property Management Services for Community Schemes

Community Scheme: any scheme or arrangement, in terms of which there is shared use of and responsibility for parts of land and buildings; including but not limited to a Sectional Title Development Scheme, Home or Property Owner’s Association or a housing scheme for retired persons.

Portfolio Manager:
  • Dedicated to overseeing and managing all aspects of your Community Scheme.
  • Assisting with obtaining maintenance quotations
  • Attending to all correspondence
  • Arranging for the insurance of the buildings, improvements and any other insurance for the Community Scheme, and assisting the Board of Trustees // Excom Members in the determination of replacement values.
  • Handling of Insurance Claims on behalf of the Board of Trustees // Excom Members if required.
  • Attending to all Community Scheme Ombud Services requirements (CSOS) and submissions
    Financial Reporting:
    • Monthly Management Reports– Income & Expenditure
    • Levy Contribution Roll – reflecting each Owner’s Levy Contribution Account, payments and arrears
    • Investment of surplus funds
    • Preparation of the Annual Budget for consideration of the Trustees
    • Review of year to date Budget
    • Preparation of the Annual Audit File at financial yearend.
    Levy Contributions and Collection:
    • Circulating of monthly Levy Contribution statements to Owners by email
    • Calculating and raising CSOS Levy Contributions and paying these quarterly to CSOS
    • Monthly Levy Contributions can be paid by any of the following methods: Debit Order, Electronic Banking, Direct Deposit or Stop Order at your bank
    • Credit control of all outstanding Levy Contributions
    • Raising of interest on arrear Levy Contributions on instruction of the Trustees
    • Handover to Attorney’s for Levy Contribution collection on instruction of the Trustees
    • Referring collection of Levy Contributions to the Community Scheme Ombud Services for adjudication
    • Raising of water and electricity recoveries
    • Issuing of Levy Clearance Certificates and Consent Forms
      Payment of Monthly Accounts:
      • Payment on authorization of the Trustees of all Creditors
      • Payment of recurring Creditors ie: Municipal, Insurance, Garden Service, Lift Contracts etc
      • Filing of all invoices
      Attending Meetings:
      • Arranging and attending Trustee Meetings, one such Meeting being a Budget Meeting prior to yearend.
      • Preparation and circulation of Trustee Meeting Agenda and Minutes
      • Arranging and attending the Annual General Meeting
      • Preparation and circulation of AGM Agenda and Minutes.
      • Arranging and attending any other General Meeting – at additional costs.
      Community Scheme Advice:
      • Providing updates and feedback on changes and amendments:
      • Sectional Title Act 95 of 1986 including amendments
      • Sectional Title Scheme Management Act 2011 and Regulations
      • Prescribed Management & Conduct Rules
      • Community Scheme Ombud Service Act (CSOS) 2011 and Regulations
      Personnel Records:
      • UIF payments and deductions
      • Workman’s Compensation annual payments
      • Pay slips
      Record Keeping:
      • Minute Books
      • All financial accounting records
      • Filing of invoices
      • Prescribed Management and Conduct Rules
      • Constitution, Rules & Regulations
      • Sectional Title & HOA Plans
      • Annual Tax Returns
      • Staff Records
      Additional Services:
      • Assisting with drafting of Management and Conduct Rules, Constitution, Rules & Regulations, and amendments thereto
      • The submission of Annual Tax Returns (IT14)
      • Maintenance, facilitation and inspections

      Request more Information on our Property Management Services:

      Phone Numbers:

      Tel:   041 007 0581
      Fax:  086 575 3768


      20 Maitland Street
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